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    Self-repairing Waterproof Materials

    Features of Our Products 
    Self-repairing Waterproofing Material Work Mechanism Figure:

    1. Self-repairing.
     When cement cracks, the active chemicals will be activated by water which will continuously catalyze the crystal recation of Sio32 and Ca2+. This is an active and functional coating which has its unique chemical reaction.

    2. Adhesive. Since the waterproof layer and the cement will crosslink through chemical reactions,  the waterproof layer will firmly adhere to the building in the later period of construction, creatinge an airproof structure which will not cause hollowing, peel-off. The material can be used for various basic surface, such as concrete, whitewash face, hard PVC board stainless steals.

    3. Applicable on different structures. It can always form a complete seamless, steady and elastic waterproof layer no matter how complicated the structure is. No 置力流or dropps will occur when painted on vertical surfaces. The product can be painted on wet surface, surface facing toward or against water. The construction time is short and cost saving.

    4. Durable. With excellent features of waterproof, weatherproof, acid-proof, alkali resistance, and anticorrosion the product can improve the intensity of concrete, intensify the structure, protect concrete and steals and then to prolong the life of the architecture.

    5. Impermeable. With strong continuous penetration crystal waterproof function, the product can stand at hydraulic pressure of 0.8Mpa, and it does not craze between minus 35 degree Celsius and 100 degree Celsius.

    6. Safe. The product is green, nonpoisonous, harmless and , environmental friendly. , It is ventilating and waterproof. It can be used anywhere, including indoors and drinking water projects. The product will not release any flammable gas or any gas that support combustion as well.

    Application Scoope:
    Waterproofing, leakage-proofing and moisture-proofing for bathroom, kitchen, floor,     balcony and so on.

    Base level process and affirmation ---base level cleaning--- penetrant coating ----waterproofing and intensifying surface strengthening---waterproof layer coating

    Base Level Process and Affirmation:
    The base level must be  leveling, firm, clean, with no water and no water leakage. The uneven places and cracks must be leveled and mended first. The leakage must be fixed. The internal and external angles must be shaped as arc.

    Penetrant Coating:
    Mix Self-repairing liquid with water at a proportion of 1to 19 and then paint evenly with brushes or rollers.
    Maintain 0.5-3hours
    Function of this process: 1. Clean the waterproof base level; 2.Repaire small cracks; 3.Cohere waterproof coating and base level.

    Surface strengthening Waterproofing and Intensifying Coating:
    Mix self-repairing liquid and compound with a proportion of 1 to 3 to paint cracks around pipes and external or internal corners.
    Maintain 6-12hours

    Waterproof Layer Coating According to the Process:
    Use a trowel to spread the fully stirred mixture of self-repairing liquid and comound according to required proportion at an advised 1-2times with each thickness between 0.5 and 1mm.When the first time is dry, use a brush to spread with the brush-tail outpointed as shown as technique A. And spread vertically for the second time as shown as technique B and to get a final thickness of 1.3-1.5mm.

    Tips for Waterproof Layer:
    Every coating must be done evenly and with no partial deposits and to rolling a few more times to avoid air bubbles between coating and base. To do check-ups after every coating dry and amend if there is somewhere missing or bulge. Do not do too much coating in order to avoid cracks when intensifying the masculine and feminine elements angles. The waterproof layer must be painted evenly with no deposits. Scroll the wall a few times so that no air bubbles remain between the coating and the base wall and they adhere to each other firmly. Do not caot too much around corners so that no cracks will occur.

    Check and accept:
    Water flooding trial can be done when coating is dry (Conventionally after 24hours) or wait more hours if the environment is moisture and unventilated. The coating should be spread evenly and without defects of shedding off, cracking, wrinkling, accumulating, air bubble or unstuck sealing. The next layer of coating can be done only when the previous layer is dry and no sticky and the two layers must be crossed vertically.

    Finished Products Protection:
    After the acceptance of the waterproof coating, isolation layer can be done according to the design.

    Package, Transportation and Storage:
    The product is not inflammable and explosive, so it can be transported as common goods. Rain, insolation, freezing, extrusion and collision should be avoided during transportation. Liquid material shall be stored with temperature above 0 degree Celsius and powders can be placed in the cool and dry place. The product expires after 12 months. After 12 months, it cannot be used unless it is rechecked.

    Leakage Test:
    All surfaces are subjected to leakage test for at least 24 hours after the construction.

    Products and Services

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