Rethink your skincare routine

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Our values

Use less, experience more

We believe delightful skin care shouldn't come at the expense of Earth. Our priority is to encourage a mindful and thoughtful lifestyle that benefits our health and nature.


We believe that you do not have to own more to have good skin; you could have one well-formulated product that does the job. This is the reason why we rethink and redesign our formulas to create multitasking products; a single product that is sufficient for many purposes.


Delightful experience

Our products are formulated with quality, sensory pleasure and efficacy in mind. We carefully research different ingredients and meticulously blend essential oils for an immersive, mood-shifting experience.

Sustainable living

We believe reducing consumption can put less pressure on our depleting natural resources. Hence, we introduce multitasking skincare routine that still does the job without the burden of buying more.

Conscious ingredients

We set a high ingredient quality standard for ourselves and will never use ingredients like parabens, phthalates, sulfates, petrochemicals, ethoxylated ingredients, synthetic color, and synthetic fragrance.


Sense Awakening Everyday Wash

Multitasking cleanser for face and body

Sense Awakening Everyday Wash is a multitasking cleanser that not only works on the face; but the rest of the body as well; you can use it as an aromatic hand wash or a bath gel in the shower. Its gentle, low-foaming formula cleans away dirt, pollution residue and impurities without drying skin.


Infused with botanical extracts of bergamot, lemongrass and ylang-ylang to refresh and improve the overall health of your skin. The everyday wash is designed to uplift mood and rejuvenate skin. 

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At-home refilling

Reduce & reuse bottles

Tired of disposing bottles every few months? Our shower-friendly pump bottle is made of high quality PET that can be reused repeatedly. We are considering to offer refill option. Let us know your preference for the refill sizes.

Thank you for letting us know your preference.



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