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On 13th April 2020, I wrote to a coronavirus front-line medical staff, who is also my childhood teacher. She shared with me the tough realities medical staff members are facing everyday. The front-line medical team is extremely exhausted after fighting coronavirus for more than a month. A lot of them fell ill, and the healthy ones have to work longer hours (24 to 48h) to cover their shifts. As a dietician, she has the responsibility to ensure the health of the medical staff members by providing well-balanced and nutritious diet. Unfortunately, funds are running low and being funnelled to other more urgent resources. The front-line medical teams that constitute of 58 staff members need more funds to stay healthy and work optimally!

While movement control order (MCO) has been in place for almost a month, there are still many new coronavirus cases coming in every day. According to experts, we are not even at the peak of the outbreak, yet we are starting to face shortage of healthcare workers and protective gears. 

The best way to help is MONEY DONATION, according to front-line healthcare workers.

While business profit is important to sustain business, we are willing to forgo profit in April & May to help the front-line medical staff, who are risking their lives saving others. 


100% of the SALES PROCEEDING of selected items* will go to the donation fund. This means that the amount you pay for purchasing Native Body & Skin’s products* = the amount of donation. Strictly no gimmick.

* Avocado Olive Lip Balm, Ginger Spice Scrub, Coconut Rose Scrub, Gift Set Duo Soap, Insect Repellent


We create this donation campaign in-house without spending extra money and we do not pay advertisement fees to reach out to more people.

We rely people like you to spread the news, so that the beneficiary can get the most out from our donation effort.


We promise 100% of the sales proceeding of the selected items will be deposited directly and completely into the beneficiary's account, without deducting a single cent.


We need your help to make this happen! You can help by placing an order and/or share this page to your network by hitting the Facebook Share icon below. 


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Stay safe & healthy,


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