Top 3 Reasons to Switch to Natural Soap from Commercial Soap

Today, I am going to talk about the differences between a natural soap and a commercial soap. Commercial soaps are referred to store/supermarket-bought cleansing bar that usually come with a price of less than RM3.00 per bar. Their low price point got my customers wonder why natural soaps are so much more expensive. Well, after going through the following 3 reasons, you will understand why natural soap is worth every penny! So shall we start?

1. Commercial soap contains unwanted chemicals than the basic ingredients.

As explained in my previous article What is a Natural Soap?, soaps are made by treating oils and/or fats with alkali. A moisturizing glycerin will be produced during this process. To make thing simple, a good soap should only contain the essential ingredients - plant oil/butter or fats, alkali and glycerin. However, conventional soap contains more than these ingredients and they are usually harmful for your health.

  1. Tetrasodium EDTA: A synthetic preservative that could be contaminated by dioxane, a by-product of manufacturing that causes cancer. A real soap is naturally preserved, so why take the risk of using one with preservative?

  2. Fragrance: Fragrance could contain a long list of chemicals that are potential irritants to skin. They often trigger itchy rash on sensitive skin.

  3. Talc: There’s epidemiological evidence that frequent use of pure talc over the female genital area may increase the risk of ovarian cancer. Recently, Johnson & Johnson lost a talc powder cancer lawsuit for failing to warn their customer about the health risk of talc.

2. Commercial soap is drying because it does not contain glycerin or contain very little of it.

Glycerin attracts moisture towards skin and keeps our skin hydrated after shower. It is a naturally produced ingredient as a result of saponification (the process of making soap). Glycerin is also a popular ingredient in toner and moisturizer. Therefore most of the soap manufacturers remove glycerin from the soap and sell them at a higher price to skin care company. This also explains why a commercial soap can be sold under RM3.00 per bar because apparently the soap itself is not the only source of profit!

How do you know if glycerin is being removed partially or completely from the soap?

Look for the word “sodium chloride” in the ingredient label. Sodium chloride or Salt is not an essential ingredient to make a soap bar. It is usually added to separate the raw soap from glycerin.

3. Natural soap contains precious plant oil and herbs extract for real skin benefit.

Unlike commercial soap, natural soap contains high percentage of luxury plant oil/butter. In Native Body & Skin, our soaps contain skin-loving rice bran oil/olive oil, coconut oil and illipe butter that are usually absent in commercial soaps. Natural soaps also contain herbs extract which are proven to be effective in rejuvenating and protecting skin. Our latest soap collection - Native Borneo Soap Series features natural handmade soaps using scientifically proven native herbal ingredients such as Tualang Honey, Tenom Coffee, Illipe Butter, Ginger and Turmeric.

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